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Our online MATT Partner Pricing Portal gives you access to one of the largest system of individual customers in moving in the world. Rates can be accessed, verified, and booked by customers in real-time, with 24/7 accessibility.

We are proud to be a member of this exclusive network that gives agents and partners of MW Relo access to the most competitive rates in the business, from companies regularly audited to meet the high standards of delivery and behaviour required by modern customers.

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    Our global supply chain and business network allows us to provide services to our clients from and around the globe.

    Being independently owned and operated, we have the freedom to partner with the best providers in every country for every solution that our clients need. One partner may be excellent at moving households, but inexperienced at moving vintage automobiles or valuable artwork: we are not tied to any one partner, but instead have built a network of trusted companies and individuals who we can match to the needs of our clients. You benefit from our thirty years’ experience.

    From Alaska to Australia, from Sierra Leone to Stockholm, from London to Lahore: we have experience in moving people’s life’s possessions, smoothly, professionally, and while providing value.


    A detailed list of consulting services listed below. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.


    Supply Chain / Business Partner Network

    We have a global supply chain and business partner network that helps us provide services to our clients worldwide.


    #reloprof Consulting

    (Mark Muss: Consulting & Professional Blog)

    We provide Consulting Services and professional industry opinion via our founders professional blog which you can find at #reloprof  or www.reloprof.com

    MMM | Mark Muss Mentoring

    With his deep experience in our industry, Mark provides hands-on mentoring advice and services to both new and experienced professionals in our industry.


    1-2-1 Mentoring of individual manager or entrepreneur.


    1-2-1 for small management teams.