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All professional services for moving, work & residence permits and relocation. For individuals, corporates and diplomats.

A detailed list of services for individuals are listed below. Please contact us if you have any special requirements. We also offer a FREE initial consultation. Book your free consultation here.


Moving Services

With more than 25 years experience, we offer fully professional international and local moving services, inccluding door-to-door services.


We can help you to professionally and safely move a small or large amount of goods, internationally or locally.
MW Relo offers the complete range of moving services, whether you are moving for work, study or any other reason at your current location and at your destination.
Moving Services include; pre-move survey, packing, loading, transportation, customs, storage, unpacking/unloading and packaging removal, “handy-man/woman” assistance and much more.


We provide a range of secure options for storing your household or office goods, from 1 day to 1 year or more.  When putting your items into storage, it is important to be confident and assured that your possessions are going to be in safe hands and well looked after. You need to be able to trust the company you are leaving your things with and know that the storage facility is secure.


Our Customs Service helps you legally import or export anything you need including home furnishings, personal transport (car & motorbikes), pets, works of art and much more. Our experienced team will guide you through the process to make sure that complicated customs process are as simple and stress free as possible.


We understand that moving your pets can be stressful for them and you! We appreciate that pets are loved members of the family, and we treat them accordingly. We have been relocating pets locally and globally for more than 20 years, so they are in good hands with MW Relo. We provide all services needed to ensure your pet arrives safely and healthy at your destination, with a stress free journey.


An Online Video Survey by an experience moving expert saves you time, money and stress.  An experienced move survey expert conducts the pre-move survey of your home. This can be done using a special app or using the standard Skype or similar video app.  The video surveyor will guide you through the home, itemizing each item that will be moved, creating a highly accurate survey.


We provide a highly secure and first class moving service for cars and motorbikes by sea, air or road – as you prefer. Highest quality packaging methods are used to ensure the safe arrival of your transport at your destination. We provide all services needed including packing, transportation, customs and delivery.


Excess Baggage international airfreight service is ideal If you only have a few small items to move. We will arrange the collection, transportation and delivery of your baggage, safely and securely. We can also deliver boxes & cartons to your door if you need.


We can help coordinate any household goods move, even if you are doing the move yourself or you are using another moving company(ies).

Work, residence and other permits.

We provide the full range of work, residence and other required permit services that may be required when visiting or living in Switzerland.  Our services include;

  • Initial review of each individual’ situation in order to assess feasibility of each project, documentation and expected time frame.
  • Direct work-flow with each transferee in order to collect all required documents and information.
  • Preparation of an application dossier, including power of attorney provided by client HR
  • Submission of the application to the relevant authorities
  • Follow up at both Cantonal and Federal authorities
  • Collection of the authorities’ decision
  • Guidance for the collection of the entry visa (for non-EU citizens)
  • Personal accompaniment to the authorities for local registration / biometrics
  • Client HR is constantly keep informed at each step
  • The immigration center of expertise remains at disposal at all times (at no additional cost) to review renewals, extensions, family reunion or C permit acquisition processes.

Fees: we apply a principle of fees “per application”, meaning the cost is the same for  a single person, couple or family, provided the application includes everyone at the same time, regardless of the effective time of arrival. (Fees valid for all Swiss Cantons, and includes accompaniment.)

Note: If a family is composed of EU and non-EU citizens, non-EU fees shall apply. Note that our fees do not include State and Federal handling fees which we pay and re-bill at cost.

G, B or L Permit: Application for EU Citizens

Application assistance for EU citizens to obtain a G, B or L permit to work & live in Switzerland.  Buy here.

C Permit Application

Application assistance for a C Permit to work & live in Switzerland. Buy here.

B or L Permit: Application for Non-EU Citizens

Application assistance for Non-EU citizens to obtain a B or L permit to live and work in Switzerland. Buy here.


Application assistance to renew or extended existing immigration permits. Buy here.

Home Search

We have a number of independent services to help you find the ideal property for your short or long term needs. This includes temporary accommodation, longer term residential rentals and diplomatic properties.


Fully Accompanied Housing Assistance

Our Home Search assistance is unique in the sense that we offer an unlimited program, meaning no limit in the number of days or properties presented. This program will be considered as completed only when a lease has been signed !

Our home search program includes:

  • Individual interview to understand the precise housing criteria in terms of budget, type, size, location, personal needs, ideal entry date and so forth
  • Attribution of a personal Relocation Consultant throughout the program
  • Complete search on the entire real estate market in the given location, aligned to the validated housing criteria
  • Preparation of individual viewing program at a pre-agreed date(s)
  • Accompanied visits in one of our company cars
  • Lease application and negotiation
  • Set-up of all utilities such as electricity, water, Internet, telephone, TV, maintenance contracts and insurances if required in the lease
  • Presence at the official moving-in inspection
  • Property and keys handover
  • 3 months help-line

Buy here.


Unaccompanied Housing Assistance (recommended for residents and Young Talents)

This program is identical to the accompanied program except that we don’t set-up any viewing program and there is no accompaniment. We provide the contacts of the properties that fit the validated housing criteria. The transferee sets up all appointments and visits the properties individually. In the event a property is selected, we then take over with the lease application and the services as described in the accompanied program.

This program is destined to people that know the location (eg. Geneva, Gland, Zurich…), have time and individual transportation.

Again, this program is unlimited.  Buy here.


Assistance to complete your rental application for any rental property. An important part of the competitive rental process in Switzerland!

Buy here.


Temporary Accommodation Full Service includes…

Objective: provides full assistance to find desired temporary accommodation:

  • Establish short-listing of up to max. 4 pre-selected furnished apartments
  • Organize visits of the apartments with picture taking / or with the transferee
  • Send descriptive email to the transferee with pros and cons per apartment
  • Apply for the chosen apartment(s)
  • Have the lease established, checked and submitted for signature
  • Make sure that the flat will be thoroughly cleaned and put in good condition
  • Manage check-in inventory and any follow-up
  • Register for utilities and establish phone/internet/TV connections
  • Arrange liability insurance coverage for the flat
  • Assistance with rent payment and establishment of guarantee deposit
  • Welcome Portfolio

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This temp accomomdation reservation only services includes…

Objective: manage reservation of appropriate temporary lodging for transferee according to budget and dates:

  • Search for furnished apartments according to requirements
  • Send email to client organization for approval of pre-chosen apartment
  • Apply for the apartment
  • Arrange rent payment with client organization
  • Organize key transfer for transferee’s arrival
  • Inform transferee about location, arrival and reception of keys

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Assistance with departing a furnished accommodation rental property.

Objective: assist with returning a furnished apartment in good condition to its owner order to get the guarantee deposit back asap. This program includes the following services:

  • Cancellation of the lease
  • Organize cleaning of the property
  • Manage repair and/or replacement of anything needing to be
  • Represent the client at the check-out inventory
  • Obtain the return of the deposit
  • Arrange for utilities to be disconnected if needed

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School Search

We have a number of services to help you find the ideal school, kindergarten (nursery) or further education.


We can help you find, choose and apply / register your children at the most appropriate school or kindergarten at your destination.

Half-day School Search: Buy here.

One-day School Search: Buy here.


We can arrange visits to a number of further education institutions so that you can continue your studies / hobbies / interests at your  destination location.

Destination Services

We provide a wide range of destination / relocation services to help clients at their current and / or future location.


Objective: provide a good first impression of life in Switzerland. This tailored program is particularly helpful for individuals who are in the process of debating relocation to Switzerland. The program is also suitable for families who want information on local life before starting a home search.


  • Provide a username and password to the employee to access GR Mobility online Database. The questionnaire will be filled by the employee.
  • Telephone interview to give an overview of different schooling possibilities. Discuss the children’s educational requirements and outline the various options available together with how rental market works.
  • Give advice on all aspects of education in Switzerland and neighboring France.
  • Provide a website list of principal schools in Geneva and a short description of the services to be rendered.
  • Explain how GR Mobility will work with client.


  • Provide Familiarization portfolio, a complete pack compiled according to the transferee’s personal requirements, domestic choices and interests.
  • Contact the schools and arrange appointments with the principals, the headmaster or the admission’s responsible person on the client’s behalf.
  • Dedicated counselor to transferee and family accompany them for visiting pre-selected schools matching the transferee’s wishes, and objectively highlight advantages and disadvantages of each system a time of their choice (except for international school where times are fixed).
  • If possible within the timeframe the same counselor will escort family for the viewing of two pre-selected properties matching the employee’s wishes, and objectively highlight advantages and disadvantages with regard to budget, neighborhood, schools, public transportation, etc. on the date of their choice.


  • Help by filling up inscription forms if requested by the family
  • Constant follow up of applications with the schools.

Orientation Half-day: Buy here.

Orientation One day: Buy here.


Objective: help the client and his family settle down quickly in Switzerland with a fully personalized program.


  • Telephone interview in order to determine in which area GR Mobility could provide a maximized help.
  • Have the settling-in checklist filled out by the transferee or his/her spouse

Face to Face

  • The same counselor who accompanied the transferee for the Housing Search will spend face to face time with the family to assist and explain all the points that they choose to get assistance on. Minimal services include:
  • Bank account opening
  • Local registration with authorities
  • Change of driver’s license

Settling In Service: Half-day: Buy here.

Settling In Service: 1.5 days: Buy here.

Departure Services

We provide a wide range of Departure Services services to help ensure that clients have a smooth, stress-free and legal departure.


Objective: assist with returning an apartment to its owner in the proper way in order to get the guarantee deposit back asap. This program includes the following services:

  • Cancellation of the lease
  • Make sure the property is put back on the market
  • Arrange a pre-check-out inventory inspection
  • Attend pre-check out inspection
  • Give advice on eventual repairs, cleaning and other issues
  • Represent the client at the check-out inventory
  • Obtain the return of the deposit if nothing to be dealt with insurance organization
  • Get departure attestation from the authorities
  • Arrange for utilities to be disconnected and forward final bills for these services as well as any other mail

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Objective: manage property departure and arrange for repairs and work to be done in order to get the guarantee deposit back. This program includes the following services:

  • Cancellation of the lease
  • Explain how to find a new tenant in case of anticipated cancellation
  • Send description of the rental object to all interested parties
  • Follow-up on application from potential tenants with real estate agency
  • Arrange a pre-check-out inventory inspection
  • Arrange minor repairs to be carried out typically some weeks prior to departure
  • Fill out insurance claim for repairs that could be reimbursed
  • Liaise with insurance if major repairs needs to be done
  • Find a new tenant for the apartment including up to three accompanied visits
  • Arrange for cleaning of the rental object including garden if necessary
  • Represent the client at the check-out inventory
  • Arrange for utilities to be disconnected
  • Make sure repairs are carried out quickly and paid by the insurance organization
  • Get departure attestation from the authorities
  • Arrange for utilities to be disconnected and forward final bills for these services as well as any other mail
  • Obtain the return of the deposit asap
  • Forward final bills as well as any other mail to the client

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A detailed list of services for corporations, organisations and diplomatic missions listed below. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.


Employee & Contractor Services

We provide a full list of services for relocating employees and / or contractors on frequent business travel.


We help organisation manage their employees / contractors who have a Lump Sum Allowance or Managed Lump Sum Allowance.


We offer a sophisticated and user friendly business travel management tool to keep you and your people informed about their current and projected social, tax and legal compliance obligations.

Move Management

We provide a comprehensive Move Management service to help your company or diplomatic mission effectively manage the relocation of your personnel.


We can coordinate the move / relocation of a single person on an as needed basis.


We can coordinate large group moves or projects including all necessary additional services required. Examples of group moves include moving of a whole office to a new location or movement of a large number of personnel to a new location.


We can coordinate the move / relocation of multiple personnel over a period of time as required. Our Move Coordination service can also help even if the individuals are relocating/moving themselves, and need some support, or if the move / relocation is initiated by a third party mover / relocation provider.

Diplomatic Services

We provide a full list of specialist service for the diplomatic and NGO community. Our senior management have been serving the diplomatic community successfully for more than 25 years in 14 countries.


Our Diplomatic Move service comes highly recommended and we can meet the specific requirements needed for a diplomatic move based on many years of successful diplomat moving.


Our highly confidential Diplomatic Residential Property Search service ensures that you can find the most appropriate property for your diplomatic personnel.


We provide a Diplomatic Storage service and facilities for goods, document storage and all other necessary requirements.


Our highly confidential Diplomatic Representation Property Search service ensures that your diplomatic mission can find the most appropriate property for your embassy, consulate, ambassador residence etc.


Providing services to our supply chain and business partner network. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.


Supply Chain / Business Partner Network

We have a global supply chain and business partner network that helps us provide services to our clients worldwide.


Our global supply chain and business network allows us to provide services to our clients from and around the globe.


We work with a number of global industry specialists to ensure the best services for our clients during their move and relocation.


A detailed list of consulting services listed below. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.


#reloprof Consulting

(Mark Muss: Consulting & Professional Blog)

We provide Consulting Services and professional industry opinion via our founders professional blog which you can find at #reloprof  or www.reloprof.com

MMM | Mark Muss Mentoring

With his deep experience in our industry, Mark provides hands-on mentoring advice and services to both new and experienced professionals in our industry.


1-2-1 Mentoring of individual manager or entrepreneur.


1-2-1 for small management teams.