Orientation Programme – Half Day

Orientation Programme – Half Day


Objective: provide a good first impression of life in Switzerland. This tailored program is particularly helpful for individuals who are in the process of debating relocation to Switzerland. The program is also suitable for families who want information on local life before starting a home search.


  • Provide a username and password to the employee to access our online Database. The questionnaire will be filled by the employee.
  • Telephone interview to give an overview of different schooling possibilities. Discuss the children’s educational requirements and outline the various options available together with how rental market works.
  • Give advice on all aspects of education in Switzerland and neighboring France / Germany / Italy or Luxembourg.
  • Provide a website list of principal schools in the destination city and a short description of the services to be rendered.
  • Explain how we will work with client.


  • Provide Familiarization portfolio, a complete pack compiled according to the transferee’s personal requirements, domestic choices and interests.
  • Contact the schools and arrange appointments with the principals, the headmaster or the admission’s responsible person on the client’s behalf.
  • Dedicated counselor to transferee and family accompany them for visiting pre-selected schools matching the transferee’s wishes, and objectively highlight advantages and disadvantages of each system a time of their choice (except for international school where times are fixed).
  • If possible within the timeframe the same counselor will escort family for the viewing of two pre-selected properties matching the employee’s wishes, and objectively highlight advantages and disadvantages with regard to budget, neighborhood, schools, public transportation, etc. on the date of their choice.


  • Help by filling up inscription forms if requested by the family
  • Constant follow up of applications with the schools.